Princess Miki - Date Proposal Practice

I know asking a pretty girl out on a date is scary… it’s daunting, really, and it takes a lot of courage to suck it up and go for it.

Don’t worry, you can practice with Me; I can help you perfect your proposal. Pretend that I’m the girl you’ve had your eye on at the coffee shop or whatever, and ask Me out on a date. It’s just for practice in the virtual setting, so don’t sweat it.

Hah! Nope. I want to help you prepare for being rejected, HARD, because that’s what would and should happen. All I can do is laugh whenever those words come out of your stupid mouth.

You think a girl like ME would go out on a date with a guy like YOU? You’re the last person anyone would want to go on a date with. This is the kind of practice you need. You deserve to be publicly shamed for having the “courage” to bother a woman.

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