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Are you tired of being lonely, of going to bed alone every night after spending hours jerking off instead of having sex? Do you want a girlfriend? Well, I have something to alleviate that pain — a solution to your self pity, perhaps. No, I will not pretend to be your girlfriend, this is not one of those clips. I’m here to remind you something crucial to bring you back down to reality, to stifle those desires that keep you from true happiness.

I want to remind you that any girl who would ever show any affection toward you — any sort of interest at all — would not look anything like Me. She would be ugly, boring, completely unremarkable. Why would you want to settle? Why would you want to settle when there’s Me? Serving Me, a beautiful Goddess, is far more exhilarating than having a mediocre girlfriend. Spending money on dates with a below average girl is a waste of your resources. It will feel much, much more fulfilling to serve Me. To give to Me.

Serving a Goddess beats having a naggy girlfriend any day. So quit your hunt — quit your self pity. Give up on the desires that hold you back, and dedicate yourself to Me. You will feel better.

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