Carlie - Blackmail Cold Hearted Bitch

Let's get one thing out there: I get off on ruining men like you. If you think this is a game you're wrong. I'm a cold heartless bitch and I don't feel bad for a second after ruin the life of a pathetic worthless man. And why should I? Give me one reason why I should give a fuck. It's so much more fun to ruin you. You make it too fucking easy to get in your head. Once I'm in your head, you trust me, believe I care about idiots always fall for it. Once I have you I will use you up. Use you as my slave and if you don't obey I will ruin you. I'll wiggle your information right over your head, a little Blackmail (Fantasy) to keep you serving. I have the power, charm, and smarts to ruin your fucking life if I felt like. And I am feeling like it. I'm in the mood to ruin some worthless fools life so you better play along.

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