British Bratz - Just A Number

Thats right, you are nothing more than a number.

Your day consists of devoting every inch of yourself to me. You awake to the thought of my beauty, you kneel before your shrine dedicated to me and pray, you run to work and push yourself to the limit then to return home and spend all you hard earned cash on me. You live to work, pay, worship and obey. You have morphed into a selfless worker completely infatuated by the world of Princess Jessie. You're a hopeless addict, you can't help yourself and submit to me. This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing in your life is entered around me. Go on, take a good look. Lose yourself with every glance, try look away, I bet you can't. Besotted by my beauty, you are just easy prey. Praise me and show me just how grateful you are.

You are nothing but a money haemorrhaging machine. You have been designed to serve and spend. No chit chat, no annoying love letters but just hard earned cash. You know it is your duty to spend on me, to ensure my life is of high class luxury only funded by you. You deserve nothing in return but feel great privilege with every tribute you send my way. You love this feeling, it gives you self worth and it is what you strive for daily.

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British Bratz - Just A Number Jerk off me

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