Princess Piper - You Want Me To Bankrupt You Before I Destroy Your Marriage, Don’t You?

I know you love your wife, but love doesn’t stop your desires for me now does it? You can’t control your little urges and temptations. You can’t control that feeling you get whenever you see me, can you? You’re just instantly aroused. You feel powerless whenever I come around. Nothing else really matters except for pleasing me and giving me what I want, isn’t that right? And what have I always wanted out of you? That’s right, you know me so well by now, I want money. I like being spoiled like I deserve. I like taking money out of you and your wife’s joint account, don’t I?

I like taking it all, little by little. Your checking account, your savings account, and I even like to go as far as to have you taking out more credit cards and maxing them out for me. You love making me happy, don’t you? I know you do and I think it’s time I take it to the extreme. I’ve been taking little by little for long enough. And I want it all. But it’s not just the money that I’m after. I don’t care about your marriage, it means nothing to me.
Just stare at my ass and keep listening. Since your marriage means nothing, after I completely drain your accounts, even the ones you have jointly with her. That’s not the end. After I drain all of her money, I also want to destroy your marriage. And I can do that in an instant. I know everything about the two of you and all it will take is one little email and you’ll be filling out divorce paperwork before you know it. And I won’t be happy until my job is complete. I want to drain both of your accounts and then have her leave you.
And then when you’re going through the divorce your wife will be shocked to find that what she was supposed to get half of, is gone. She’ll get nothing. She will be financially fucked just like you. I lured you in and now you’re fucked. You can’t resist this. You want this. I’ll be rich and your ex wife will be broke and devastated.
You know I deserve it. Just nod yes, you just nod yes to all of this as it happens. You know you can’t resist me. You can’t say no to my requests for more and more money. And once I have it all you won’t be able to stop me from completely ruining your marriage, completely fucking it up and ending it. And it won’t end on good terms. She’ll get nothing while hot perfect Princess Piper will have all of her funds. Just as I had intended. I told you I don’t fucking care about your wife or your marriage. I’ve always only cared about one thing, and that’s your money. That’s all I’ll ever care about. You knew that. So just keep giving in to me. You’ll be happier in the end to when it’s just me and you and continuing to pay me forever and not having to worry about another woman. I promise.

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