Eva de Vil - Tease and Permanent Denial

This Halloween, I bring you the ultimate tease and denial. An eager, unsuspecting punter, comes to the bro-thel to get his rocks off with one of the girls, dreaming of a steamy night of passionate fun, and he gets me. "Get comfortable on the bed for me darling and start stroking. Looking's free and I want to give you to little show to warm you up."

There's something about my aura that has you bewitched. My siren song has you pumping methodically, unable to stop as my teasing begins to take a sinister turn. I'm disgusted at men like you who think you can come in here and use me, but that won't happen tonight. Not this time.

I was mur-dered in this room 150 years ago by a filthy punter just like you. Am I a ghost? A spirit? A demon? Why is your cock so incredibly hard? It doesn't obey you anymore; it's possessed by the malevolent being in front of you. Seeking revenge, I concoct a curse to ensure that you never spill your awful load ever again.

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