Princess Mika - You Don’t Deserve To See Me Naked Loser, Fuck You

You’re so addicted to dominant women, aren’t you? Every time you see someone as hot as me, you can’t help but just worship and stroke. Usually you get teased and tormented as gorgeous women like me just tease you with our bodies. I know you love my legs and heels and I’m going to make certain that your view is exactly what it should be. Look at you there on the floor ready to obey. Of course I’m going to tease you but this isn’t going to be like usual, I’m not going to tease you with my body. Because well fuck you! You don’t deserve that.

You’re going to enjoy knowing that I’m going to get completely naked and you’re not going to see any of it lol. You don’t deserve to see me naked. You’re even lucky I let you see me in this red hot lingerie set. You’re just going to be there on the floor staring at my legs heels and feet while I get completely naked above you. Are you excited?
First I’m going to take off my bra, it’s too bad that you can’t see anything but I guess you can stroke to that. Stroke to the fact that I’m topless and you can’t see a fucking thing! I’ll even prove to you that I’m topless, I’ll let you see my bare fucking back.

Next I’m going to remove my sexy little panties. Watch me slide them right down my long legs. Now I’m completely fucking naked. And you can’t see any of it! LOL! But you can’t stop jerking, can you? This is the view that you deserve. You know that you’ll never see me naked loser. I want you to stroke to the fact that you don’t deserve to see anything. I’m completely naked and you see nothing, just my legs, my heels and my feet. I could care less if you cum or not. Fuck you!

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