Princess Meggerz - Small Penis Education

We just finished the course in sex education but I’m curious. It’s obvious that you would definitely fuck me so let’s do it. A hands on crash course in sexual education. Don’t be nervous, all you have to do is take your pants off. Go on, take them off. I can see you have a little boner and I bet I can make it grow…

Wait, omg! What is that? It’s not the size of a penis they showed us in class. Come here, let me measure it. It’s not even 2 inches! Wow, and I thought it would be really fucking hot to ramp around in the stairwell or sneak into and fuck the teachers lounge but I know my vagina won’t feel that tiny cock. They even said the pictures weren’t to scale in the books but wow is that penis small.

And you like this! Look at your little dick. It’s throbbing harder. You like when girls laugh and point at that small penis? I wanna make it cum. I want to see the tiny puddle that tiny pecker produces!

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