Nina Elle - I Am Famous and You Are Nothing

I know you a helpless, weak, insignificant, submissive little groveler. Throwing yourself at my feet, whimpering, cowering, spewing words of love and adoration - even as I humiliate and dehumanize you. But let’s face it, I’m FAMOUS - and you are NOTHING. You are a NOBODY. So I am perfectly comfortable with with having nobodys like you groveling at my feet - it commonplace for me. Men literally throw themselves at my feet and beg just to bow down and kiss my feet when they recognize me as I walk through airports LOL. (Not joking- this really happens.) Maybe if you do a fantastic job worshipping my goddess feet, I’ll give you a countdown and relieve your aching balls and create a worship puddle all over the floor at my feet LOL. Thats as close as you will ever come to having sex with a celebrity like me!

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