Goddess Jolene - You’ll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos

Why don’t you take down your pants and show me your little, tiny dick? LOL! Oh My God! That is it? It’s even smaller than I expected. You know there’s seriously something wrong with you if you’re seeking out videos for girls to make fun of your small penis. You are pathetic! That thing is smaller than my pinky, it’s not even a penis. That dick is the smallest, most pathetic, insignificant, worthless excuse for a cock I have ever fucking seen!
I know why you don’t have a girlfriend, because every time u take out your dick they must laugh in your face and leave you! You are fucking worthless. You’re not even a man. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how much money you make, how powerful you may be, you will never be a man because of your little tiny dicklette!
It must be heart wrenching to know that you’re never going to have a relationship or please a woman. Even if you win a girl over with your personality, no girl is ever going to stay with you with a little penis like that. She might use you for awhile if you can benefit her in other ways but eventually you’re always going to get tossed out for a guy with a bigger dick. You’re a pathetic dickless loser. You are a worthless piece of trash.
I mean what kind of loser spends his time jerking off to small penis humiliation? YOU! You’re that kind of loser. You’re absolutely pathetic! But you need this humiliation because it’s the only way a hot girl will even acknowledge you. You’re so pathetic you will take any attention you can get. I want you to know that any girl that has ever seen your cock has been telling her girlfriends about it for years. It’s just too funny not to share.
A penis is pretty much what defines a man and your penis is pathetic. You will never please a woman, you will never be a man. Just face it loser. You shouldn’t even be gender identified as a man. You’ll spend the rest of your life jerking off to small penis humiliation videos. You will be so sad and alone, LOL! I hope I have made you feel like a pathetic loser with a small dick because that’s exactly what you’re.

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Goddess Jolene - You’ll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos 10% more days with any membership
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