Mikayla Bayliss - Just A Wallet To Mikayla

I want you to spend for me today, spend like you have never spent before. You know that feeling you get when you hand over that cash, I want you to feel that feeling but on a much higher scale.

You are nothing more than a wallet, a walking money splurging loser. You know your ONLY use is your cash and you MUST spend it on the best. You don't deserve your cash, all the hours you slave away at is just to had over to your SUPERIORS.Handing over cash in abundance gives you a daily reminder of how long, worthless and pathetic you are. Without your money slavery you would be NOTHING. Your dick aches to pay, your orgasms rely on the middle finger flip off from me. To see me spend and live a lavish lifestyle pushes you to work harder, to give more and to devote every part of you to me.

he worst part about this is, you ache to be recognised for your hard work but the reality is, you are just one of hundreds. You are just a number to me, a nameless worker who devotes he's life to me. How sad. You work yourself to the bone to hand over that cash to then thank me for it. You are in an endless cycle, it goes on and on an on and it is never enough.It is hilarious the contrast between both our lives. Mine increasing in wealth and continuous days of relaxing and fun and yours, increasing in poverty and constant slavery.

Your a LOSER and you must pay, it really is that simple. The ONLY way to gain attention of a HOT women is by opening your wallet nice and wide, handing over ALL over that hard earned cash.

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