Goddess Jessica - Time For a Merger

I own a company and my business model is simple. Hire men to work for me for free while I go on vacation or lay in bed ’til noon. Easy! I’m already a millionairess but still working hard at hiring men! After reading your resume I find out that you own a very successful company and I suggest our companies merge. That way you can run your company but it will still be mine and I’ll have all the money! SEE? I am so smart! That’s why I’m a millionairess. I have men working for me all over the globe, making me mountains of ca$h and guess what, they they all love it because they’ve fallen into the same spell you have. Face it, I am so irresistible that you can’t help but fall victim, you’ll do anything I say, hand over your company on a silver platter, worship at my feet, become my slave and sacrifice your life to me so I can have everything I’ve ever wanted. Say goodbye to your company, dignity, and life. (Oh, and you’re hired, welcome)

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