Goddess Christina - Bi Coercion Interactive Project Pt 1

Hey my little cock craving slut! I know you absolutely love how I easily slip into your mind. How I plant little seeds of desire that grow with each watering. I’ve made you stroke and even cum for cock. You’ve worshiped so many Big HUGE alpha DICKS on my command! You’ve thought about many things that you would do for me. Naughty nasty things you would do if I told you to. How you would suck it, please it... - even submit your ass to it! It’s so easy for me to guide you and stimulate you in ways you never imagined possible. I make you WANT IT BAD! You want to be a little whore don’t you!? I’ve created a game that we’re going to play. A new project for you to partake in. Don’t be a pussy. Play along slave! This is the Bi Coercion Interactive Project and you are Subject #1.

MP4 * 272 MB * 00:11:24 * 1920x1080

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