London Lix - Sissy Chastity Nylon P0ppers Bitch

You have a lot of fetishes. Chastity, sissification, nylons, feet, Loaded. I’m going to use all of them against you, naturally. I check to see if you’ve followed my instructions; are you locked up, and dressed up, my little sissy? Good, then we can begin. I dose you up with poppers to make you even more weak and horny than you already are, then get you to use your electro-stimulation device through your cage. Your little clit is dribbling for me, isn’t it, bitch? You’re going to beg me to drink you further, even as your dick is straining against that cage. I’m teasing you hard, and your full balls are aching. You can cum for your Mistress, but only if you ruin it. DISCLAIMER: Every clip released this September is a custom clip. The ideas, style, and verbiage may not reflect my regular style. The content of each is fairly niche. These clips are still my usual PERFECT quality, and you will find many as enjoyable, if not more so, than my ‘regular’ clips. But I wanted to write this for new customers to say: do not judge me as an artist based on these clips, buy one of my regular clips to see what I’m all about. And for older customers to say: do not think this is a ‘new direction’ my clips have taken; they are just customs.

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London Lix - Sissy Chastity Nylon P0ppers Bitch Jerk off me

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