Hypnotic Natalie - A ballbusting St. Valentines date

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and I know you’d k.i.l.l. to be able to go on a date with a girl like me! I know you’ve been dreaming of the day you will finally take me out, even though you never had high hopes I would actually accept to go on a date with you. But..somehow, I accepted, and here you are walking back to my apartment, as I look into your eyes lovingly…it seems like a dream come true! But why would a girl like me accept to go out with a guy like you and even invite him over after the date? She probably has some nasty plans in mind and wants to do something real bad to you! Well, of course I do, silly! I happen to have this little fetish…more like a fantasy of mine to hit and punch guys in the balls as hard as possible! The obedience turns me on big time! A man surrendering to me, to my charm and my beauty..allowing me to do anything I want to him just to please me, to put a smile on my face, that’s true submission! And that’s the kind of thing that arouses me the most in the whole world! You never dreamed that you could possible turn a Goddess like me on, but here is your once in a lifetime opportunity to do it – so…will you let me ballbust you? I know you will, especially if you might get a reward at the end!

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