Crystal Knight - Does This Turn You On? Bisexuality Test

Does all this cock turn you on? I’m not talking about threesomes, I’m talking about a desire and need to touch, taste, and possibly even fuck this cock. I have three big, hard dicks that you get to worship alongside my curves. As I describe it, tease you with it, and mind fuck you with my words, does this turn you on? Are you my little gay boy? Are you going to become my bi-sexual bitchboy? Only this test can tell you the answer to that. I know how delicious my body works so it's easy to get hard during this session no matter what. Be prepared, It’s going to make you question your sexuality and just how far you will go for me. If you aren’t questioning your sexuality by the end of this, well, then you didn’t watch this clip. Muahaha

MP4 * 846 MB * 00:11:59 * 3840x2160

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