Princess Miki - Evil Psychoanalyst Rewires Your Brain

I’m glad you came in today. I know this is kind of uncomfortable. But don’t worry, you’re not my first client to experience these issues. I see that your perceived size inadequacy has brought you here. And it’s lead to depression and lack of interest in sex. I think it’s funny that men put so much into penis size, I mean it’s something you can’t control. And I know that by watching porn it can really skew your sense of self worth. And I bet yours isn’t even that small. Remember the cocks you see in pornography are different from the average penis. But you need to show it to me so I can reaffirm that it is in fact average.

It’s ok, show me. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh lol. Wow, I can see how that would make you depressed. That is so pitiful. That is a depression worthy penis. What did you think I could really help you? Did you think I was going to lie to you? So what do you want me to do, tell you how to cope with it? Tell you how to deal with having a tiny fucking cock? I see that little dick is getting harder. You’re into this, I knew it. All the guys that come here are into small penis humiliation. They come in hoping I’m going to help them with their self esteem but they also come in because they know that I’m a hot psychoanalyst.

Well I’m not here to make you feel better, I’m here to make you understand that your dick is worthless, pathetic and undesirable. And to help you solidify this, I’m going to let you stroke that little dicklette in front of me as I explain everything to you. So you can really understand because I know you’ll never forget this message if you get off to it in front of me. I am the representation of everything you don’t deserve, everything you can’t have because of that sad little thing between your legs, that genetic disaster.

You need to understand that you are not to hook up with women any more, you are only allowed to get off to your own pathetic thing between your legs. And that’s why I will tease you with my body and stroke to it so that you may forever sexualize it. You need to sexualize this brutal truth that you are unfuckable and just pathetic. Keep stroking. I might even let you cum to your own disgusting little abnormality that you call a penis. You don’t even deserve to jerk it. That little thing is so sad and pathetic that it belongs in a chastity cage.

You’re so turned on, stroking furiously, embarrassed and sad but also so fucking aroused. Keep tugging it with those two little fingers. I want you forever addicted to being aroused by the truth of your sad situation. I want you to know that I hate your tiny dick. I’m successfully rewiring your brain. I’m fucking up your psyche so that you really will lock up your dick just because I told you to. Because you know that you deserve it. I want you to lose all hope. I want you to abstinent for the rest of your life because no woman should ever have to see that.

Keep stroking so this session will be burned in your memory. I want you to remember the time your evil psychoanalyst got you to lock up your little dick forever. Who got you to cum to something so humiliating only so I could fuck up your brain forever. And that the only reason I’m about to let you cum. You’re going to feel so humiliated after you blow that little load from your little dick. Your life will never be the same. You’re going to leave here so ashamed. But who cares about that, it’s going to feel so fucking good. I want to see you humiliate yourself in front of me. Is your little dicklette ready to cum? Cum LOL! Cum to the sad reality of having an unfuckable little penis. And you’re going to come back and the next time we’re going to lock you up.

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