Miss Bellerose - Sissy Chastity Aroma Nylon Bitch

(Custom) Hello Mistress. I often think of you being coerced by you to be your Sissy slut. You told me to come to our meeting while i wear nylons, suspenders, panties, bra, lacquer dress, heels and of course to put on my chastity belt. At the beginning of the video, check briefly if I have met all instructions well. To be coerced by you to do this and then you coerce me to sniff Aroma, exactly according to your instructions, so that I also become more weak and even horny. During this treatment you tease me additionally and I have to sniff at your nylon feet and may worship you. You coerce me, so to speak, your Sissy slut to become more and more addicted to you with the help of Aroma. If I can come for my mistress, then of course only ruined in the Chastity cage . Of course I just want to give you a rough guideline and I would be happy if you would bring in your own ideas! your little Sissy-Chastity-Popper-Nylon- Bitch

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