elite rose - Middlefinger spit humiliation sph


Custom clip: you can do the same actions on both hands separately and not at the same time (approximately 5 minutes for each hand). Middle finger spit fetish insult/humiliation (4k,10minutes, Dutch): In only a closeup view of your full back of your hand (just like in my other custom video but this time you show more of your hand similar to the examples I attached). You hold up your middle finger and spit on it so saliva falls down your finger and the back of your hand as you insult/humiliate (you can do a little JOI if you want as well). You do the same for your index finger (for example you can do SPH). At the end, you make a ffisst (same pose but without any of your fingers up).

You can see full post here - elite rose - Middlefinger spit humiliation sph​​​ 10% more days with any membership https://femdom-me.com/femdom-pov/4524-elite-rose-middlefinger-spit-humiliation-sph.html

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