Stella Sol - Bullied (Full Season 2)

You've already been publicly humiliated and spanked by your bully and now your expected to dress the part of a wimp turned full-time sissy whore. See how Stella Sol continues to be the worlds cruelest step-mom as she finds erotic pleasure in making you obey your bully.

- Over 1 Hour Long
Priced at under $1 per min

-Episode 1 - Twirl, Curtsy And Kneel
-Episode 2 - Webcam Wimp
-Episode 3 - Marked Money-Maker
-Episode 4 - Discount Surgery Surprise
-Bonus Footage and Slide Show when you buy this Full Season

MP4 * 1.90 GB * 01:07:34 * 1920x1080

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