Natasha's Bedroom - Sperm Competition Cuckolding

When’s the last time we had sex? How long has it been since you’ve even seen me naked? I’ve rejected you for so long, but not tonight. It’s your lucky day. You’re going to put that little dick inside my pussy and fuck me until you shoot your little load into my womb.
I want to get pregnant, honey. I want you to fill me with your sticky, hot seed. Put it deep inside of my ovulating body.
And after you’re finished? Well, I’m inviting some other men over. Oh, two dozen or so black guys, and they’re going to take turns shooting their semen into my fertile body. Whoever has the strongest sperm will win. Do you think you even have a chance?
Black sperm is the strongest of all. Such powerful little swimmers, especially compared to your wimpy ejaculatory output.
It’s a little sperm competition, and I know my beta husband will lose. Imagine the look on everyone’s face when a little black B*** pops out of my belly! Total cuckold humiliation. A reminder of your inferiority every time you look at its face.

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