Do you really think you can break free of your addiction to me? We shall see loser.. Sydney has decided to make a PSA for all you losers out there who think you might have an incurable addiction to being her financial sub. She’s going to be addressing many of your common questions and laying out the reality for you. So sit back and listen to her drop a few loads of truth in your face. One by one she covers every single facet of your personality, your life, and your lack of sex life or any other redeeming qualities. You can’t help but see the pure logic in her arguments. Right away you can begin to fully understand your place in her world and exactly why you belong there. You need this loser, you need to have a motivating Coerce in your life, to dig yourself even DEEPER into debt and absolute servitude, so buy this clip and tribute your Goddess with loser strokes to the layers of truth she’s going to lay down on you! Watch this clip over and over, beta money pig! This will help drill these truths into your head and condition you for the next round of financial domination, so let’s get started spending and tributing!!

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