Young Goddess Kim - Perfect Surrender

I have you right where you belong, bowing down to Me as your Goddess, anticipating My commands. I am all you desire, for that you owe Me your complete devotion and eagerly confess My every wish is your command. you will do anything for My pleasure. I slowly captivate and cultivate your mind and senses to become blissfully mesmerized and deeply submissive. you are My slave. My servant. I will use you to My liking. I love to tease you, and bring out your deep weakness before Me – My property always obeys My Word. Edge to My perfection, imagine your reward. In order to worship, I command your sacrifice. Stroke, hard, harder. Stop and listen. Stop and obey. Worship My superior stilettos, My silky legs, My breathtaking ass. you will be My good bitch. I control your arousal, I use you for My amusement, I create the perfect surrender.

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Young Goddess Kim - Perfect Surrender Jerk off me

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