Lindsey Leigh - JOI For The Leg Humper

My leg humper is obsessed with my muscular legs and ass. He cant get enough of my bragging about how sexy they are. He also gets hot when I talk about how his friends wanna fuck me and how my new boyfriend is a total catch. He humps pillows, ends of the bed or whatever he can get his little cock on when I tell him of my recent sex stories. He almost loses this mind when I tell him I was fucked in this outfit the night before. He has become my leg humping cuckold and thinks he can be seen as a “real man”. Hell no! He begs me non stop to sit on him and ride him but that is such a pathetic non existent fantasy. I would never sit on him as his place is sitting on the floor humping my calf and NOTHING more!

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Lindsey Leigh - JOI For The Leg Humper Jerk off me

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