The Queens - Trapped into Eternal Foot Slavery

We’re a beautiful lesbian couple, and you’re a plumber that’s been sent to work on Our house. you’ve been here all morning working, sneaking glances at Our incredible legs and divine, pedicured toes, getting hornier by the minute. you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself for getting away with it, but We’ve noticed your wandering eyes. And your nervous demeanour. We decide to prove Our theory, and coerce you to strip completely, get on your knees, and instruct you to jerk and edge that painfully hard cock for Our soft, irresistible feet. you know you belong on your knees, worshipping Our perfectly petite, wrinkled soles. We relish your vulnerability, teasing and humiliating you as you obey every order, laughing at your pathetic response to Our degradation. Finally, when We’ve had Our fun humiliating you, We take complete and total control, forever…

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The Queens - Trapped into Eternal Foot Slavery Jerk off me

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