Paisley Pepper - Just You and Me Now

Pretty young thing Paisley Pepper catches you staring at her feet in class. At first she thinks you might be admiring her new pedicure, but then she realizes that you are actually one of those crazy foot guys. Don’t worry about being branded a weirdo; Paisley is down with having her pretty little toes worshipped. She finds it quite a turn on to see the rise in your crotch just from shy peeks at her feet.
Paisley slips off her flip flops and places both feet on her desk so you have an even better view. This chick is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of because she wants you to jerk off while admiring her wriggling toes. While you squeeze your throbbing member, Paisley tells you exactly where to aim your juice so she can feel every warm drop. Hurry up and finish!! The teacher is coming back!

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Paisley Pepper - Just You and Me Now Jerk off me

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