Goddess Jessica - Snagged From The Coffee Shop

I was your friend for a while and you were stuck in the friend zone. Eventually you became obsessed with me and so I decided to promptly dump you as a friend, not to mention you were creeping me out with your foot fetish. I helped you get over me by breaking off all communication, blocking your number, blocking you on Facebook and twitter, etc... About 6 months later, you are just getting over me when you get a new job and suddenly have a lot more money and the ability to move me forward in my career as an actress. I find you one day working at a coffee shop. At first I pretend I don't notice you there. Eventually I'm dangling my shoes, showing off my soles and driving you crazy. I know you're melting and I suggest we go back to my place to catch up and finish our coffee. Slowly I tell you that I know you're obsessed with me and you'll never get over me. I tell you to get on your knees and to jerk for me, you are hyp.n0.tized by my feet. I make sure that from here on out I get whatever I want from you.

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