Worship Violet Doll - Fuck My Feet

This is it. Foot freaks are ruined and men everywhere will soon become my foot slaves too. First I’m going to let you huff my smelly worn stockings. They’re beautiful Wolford Satin Touch Stay-Ups that have been marinating in my foot sweat all day. Next I’ll explain my plans to seduce you and dominate your sexuality, with a very simple week-long JOI task. It won’t be long before you stop fantasizing about fucking pussy all together. When you stroke your cock you’ll be dreaming of fucking my feet. You know you’ll never be good enough to fuck my pussy, but my perfect feet are better than every pussy out there anyway. If I’m satisfied with your efforts as my newly indoctrinated foot fucker, maybe I’ll even let you cum all over my gorgeous stocking covered feet and lick your cum up.

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Jerk off me

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