AstroDomina - A Leg Lover's Duty

Sydney knows how much control her amazing Asian Goddess legs have over you. We haven't even started and you're already playing with that bulge in your pants. Well today she's going to give you a thorough leg tease, to make sure your addiction to her powerful calves, thighs and heels only gets stronger! She loves it and demands you begin giving her worship strokes. She wants you gooning out to her legs all day! You know this is your purpose, so why deny it. In fact, it's your duty to your Goddess to jerk and goon. Just to drive it home further, she even oils up her legs and ass and makes you watch her tease you relentlessly with them! There's no escape now leg boy, you know you love seeing her muscular calves all shined up, ready to be worshipped. She encourages you to stroke to them, but you're going to have to stroke to them her way, which means there's going to be a lot of edging and joi games, but will she let you cum in the end??

MP4 * 596 MB * 00:10:32 * 1920x1080

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