Dommelia - Chastity Edging Filthy Feet Tease

My devoted foot-slave has been locked in chastity for an entire month. The time has come for his long-awaited release, but I have different plans in mind…he WILL cum for me. He will explode…just not the way he thinks. I am going to put him through extreme foot humiliation, making him worship my filthy feet, eat filed foot dust and have toenails clippings as snacks…all while teasing the hell out of him and making his *still locked* cock try to burst its way futilely through the steel cage. I have him tease his own balls with a vibrator throughout, driving his mind to the point of insanity, and eventually causing him to explode THROUGH his chastity cage! In the aftermath, drenched in his own cum with his face and tongue covered with my foot dirt, I finally release him and squeeze another orgasm from his trembling body. He is ready to be locked for another month now! Haha!

MP4 * 972 MB * 00:31:30 * 1920x1080

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