Tallgoddessgia - Welcoming Your Master Home

Your Master Gia comes home and you are so excited to see her and especially her feet! She has gotten a new pedicure and it’s your job to unwrap your present. She sits on the edge of her bed and orders you to take of her shoes and take a big whiff! Then she orders you to remove her socks, your favourite toy! She orders you to kneel on the floor and kiss and massage her feet. She **** you with her toes and rubs them all over your body. Your such a good foot slave puppy, kiss and lick them good for your dominant Mistress. Gia pats the bed and orders you to jump up at the edge of the bed and massage and lick her feet with her new beautiful pedicure. You get such a hard on for my feet you are such an excited puppy. I’m gonna lay down you can keep rubbing my feet as a fall out cold!

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