The Foot Infatuation - Sleepy Auntie Foot Fetish POV

Allura is your aunt and she has come back from her office and she's on the couch taking a nap with her work uniform on. There is nobody home and you have your chance to admire her sexy cute feet. She lays on her stomach and her perfect clean feet are on the edge of the couch. You sneak in and here are her sheer nyloned soles in front of you. You smell and kiss her feet from toes to heels (POV, extreme closeups). You try not to wake her up but you can't help but licking and biting her feet and she wakes up! She tries to understand the situation but gets mad. Well, in return for her not telling her husband she wants you to continue what you started and worship her feet properly. She turns towards you and sticks her nyloned feet into your face. She wants you to start rubbing her feet because she is so tired. And then she commands you to kiss, lick, and suck her feet. She complains of her husband's indifference and she exposes her arousal with moanings. But then she removes her nylons and you finished the worship with her barefeet. In the end you both have happy endings and it's your dirty little secret.

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 The Foot Infatuation - Sleepy Auntie Foot Fetish POV Jerk off me

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