Goddess Allexandra - Pantyhose Bitch

Congratulations on your successful interview, you are now my Pantyhose Bitch. You will have a few tasks to do daily. You are now my house bitch, and are responsible for the cleaning of all my pantyhose. I am not going to make it easy, you have to suck the sweat out of them with your tongue. You will make sure my house it spotless. After a long day of shopping and socializing, you will be my human footstool. I might even let you sniff my pantyhosed feet, shoving them in your face without warning. Once a week, i might let you out of your cage, and might grant you a release. Today is the day, get your cock out, pick a pair of my dirty pantyhose up, wrap them around it, and start stroking. I am going to dirty talk you all the way through it. It's going to be RED HOT. You might even get a little surprise at the end.

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