Cum get a close up experience of my feet from the point of view of a real dedicated foot sub.

As a loyal foot boy, you are eager to please your Goddess. She's wearing a sexy bikini and her trusty sneakers. First job today? Cleaning the bottom of her feet. No problem! Your tongue can handle this. When the shoes come off, you get treated to the whiff of her stinky socks. For some reason, that turns you on even more.

Sydney gets up on the couch and take her sock off. You can't wait to put those beautiful feet in your mouth. And you'll do whatever it takes. You are eager to please your Goddess. Especially since she picked you to serve her. You know she expects the best. Because she deserves the best. So you better go to town on her soles and her toes. And if you don't step up, be prepared to pay the price. If you do satisfy your Goddess, you may be allowed to cum!

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