Sorceress Bebe - Edging To Feet And Denied Forever

You want to make my life hell. From now on I will be your little jerk junkie. You know that I just moved out from my own and have plenty of time now. Thats why you have decided I can edge for at least 16 hours daily and even longer on weekends. You want me to throw my life in the trash and spent all my time for you. And of course I am not allowed to cum ever again.

Humiliate me a lot and tell me how frustrating it will be and that you don't fucking care how badly i need to cum.

Please be as mean and as bratty as you can, giggle and laugh a lot and tease me to make me more and more desperate to cum. Also tease me with your bare feet, but please wear socks in the beginning.

At the end you tell me to replay this clip over and over again until the time is up.

MP4 * 2.27 GB * 00:20:05 * 1920x1080

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