Lindsey Leigh - My Feet Are Your Life Now

My feet are so sore after a 5 mile run, and they need to be massaged so bad by a foot loser like you. Ohh, not so fast! I don't want you stroking that cock right away. I don't want you licking or sucking my feet. In fact, I don't want you doing anything perverted right away. My feet come first, and after this long run, what they need most is a nice, long massage. My foot needs come first, because you know they are above you.. You are lower than dirt, so my feet are priority. Got that!? Once you answer if you have done everything you could to please Goddess Lindsey, then you can even think about touching yourself to my feet. You are an owned, loser, foot bitch and have no other purpose but to serve me. That's right, submit to them, accept that these feet own you! By the end of this clip, you'll be sending all of your money and spending all of your time pampering your Goddess's feet from now on.

MP4 * 245 MB * 00:12:34 * 1920x1080

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