If you're on this website, you know that JOI videos are scorching fucking hot. However, we would like to point out that foot fetish JOI is even hotter. A genre created by combining the two extremely popular porn niches is taking the world of fetish porn by storm now. Just go ahead and look up the most popular searches on any big-name porn tube. This one is almost as popular as cuckolding porn. Go figure!

JOI videos are always incredible because they focus on something perverse and kinky. Some feature humiliation and some don't. Some are more perverse than the others. Foot JOI vids take this a step further by introducing this whole foot fetish element to it. The vids here do a great job of exploiting your fetish, the girls all have incredibly hot feet/toes/arches/soles and whatever.

Seriously, introducing foot fetish into the mix made JOI pornography even more complex, the possibilities are borderline endless with these foot fetish JOI videos. Even within the very popular foot fetish genre, people seem to enjoy a multitude of different things, i.e. some like wrinkly soles, some like big feet, some like it when they're smelly, some can't get enough of feet in socks, some like sucking on toes, some don't, and so on and so forth. The foot JOI porn collection is mind-blowingly diverse, so let's talk about the two of the most popular offshoots of this subgenre.

The first popular category is mature feet JOI. There's a huge overlap with MILF chasers and femdom peeps. For some reason, guys wanna be dominated by a mature lady. Maybe it has to do with their confidence and experience, maybe it's some Norman Bates shit, we're not going to resort to armchair psychology. What we do know is that there are MANY mature feet JOI videos and they are all pretty damn hot, provided that you're into MILFs and not teens. Speaking of which, there are many feet JOI vids featuring teenage hotties and young, supple twentysomething babes. Our personal favorite is, of course, Sasha Foxxx, that young beauty is going to drive any man wild with lust with her unmatched dirty talking skills, beautiful face, and divine feet.

The next popular category that we would like to mention is nylon feet JOI. People seem to love feet in nylons and various other stockings or pantyhose or whatever. Some like it because the feet in question get all stinky and nasty, some like it because they get sweaty which is also kinda similar. Whether you're a fan or not, you have to respect nylon feet JOI porn's popularity. It's insane.

Alright, we're just scratching the surface here and talking about only TWO of the countless sub-genres within the feet JOI genre took up half of the page. You have to stop somewhere, y'know? We are not going to discuss all the intricacies any further. It might take up the WHOLE page in the end. Let's discuss the technical side of things here because that's what people tend to overlook when it comes to their selections of fetish porn.

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