Pedi Police - Maria Marley - Cum for Me Footboy

Marvelous Maria Marley has a spectacular treat for you today! She knows you’re a foot pervert and she’s going to tease you with her sexy size nine feet while you follow her jerk off instructions. She wants to make you work for it so the shoes aren’t coming off yet. Maria lets you get a peek at her high arches and even dangles her spiked heels from her toes to tantalize you. Only when she’s ready does she kick off one shoe to give you that first incredible view of her perfectly slender feet and long toes. She becomes a little more animated and tells you to stroke it faster. Maria is getting worked up as you beat your meat to her pace. She finally kicks off that second shoe at you have the most beautiful feet right there in your face. Don’t explode just yet! Better wait for her order. Maria loves the control she has over you and you love being dominated by her goddess presence. When she’s ready you receive the command to release and deliver a huge spurting load for the one and only Maria Marley.

MP4 * 757 MB * 00:07:40 * 1920x1080

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