Tsarina Baltic - Bedroom Foot Worship

I don't give you an invitation for anything, truly I find you just a horny inferior foot slut, instead of giving you anything, I'll take what I want from you, have you stroke for as much as I care for & leave you aching to come an inch closer to my completely naked and **** soles, just look at them, admire them with your eyes, my soft little toes peeking out, spreading, my pedicured toenails, they of course do everything to your dirty mind, don't worry, I know what I'm doing to you, just live into this experience while I say every mean thing I can possibly think off, get away with it, tease you senselessly. One the last note, this is a mesmerizing financial enslavement, don't expect any other way. Your money is all you're worth to me.

MP4 * 2.27 GB * 00:14:49 * 1920x1080

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