Dommelia - Babysitter Takes Your Jerk Virginity With Her Feet

So I thought we could play a fun game before you go to bed where we smell each other’s feet and decide who has the smelliest feet. So you can go first, sniff my feet, take a nice long inhale… Wait, what’s that down there? Do you have an erection?! Hahaha I knew this would happen! I’ve seen the way you look at my feet and knew you wouldn’t be able to resist them. And it just so happens that I love having my feet sniffed and worshipped. Oh, things are going to be so different from now on. Every time I come round to babysit you, you’re going to be worshipping my feet, sniffing, licking, kissing and massaging them. I’m no longer going to be making your tea either, you’ll be making mine instead. Oh, and I’ll be taking your pocket money too, you won’t be needing that. Now, stroke that erect cock for me, I’ll instruct you how. I know this is all new for you, but that’s ok, I’ll guide you. Pump your cock up and down as you stare at my feet, before I count you down. There’s a good boy.

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