Goddess Natalie - Fortune reading - black magic ritual

Welcome to my house, little one! Make yourself comfortable, don't worry I'm not going to Taste ;) Let's set the atmosphere so we can both feel more comfortable and see what it is that you came here for. You know I am a witch, right? But not all witches must be evil....or are they all? mwahaha :) Anyway, I see you came here for a tarot reading, right? Well, let's analyse your past, see what's going on in your present and only after that take a look at what your future has in store for you. I get this special vibe from you that makes me think I will discover something very interesting in this reading...maybe something related to a fetish that you have haha...a foot fetish to be more precise. Oooopppsss...I think you might be in trouble, little one! Did you ever have a witch seduce you with her feet and then put a spell on you?

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