Astro Domina - SOCK THERAPY

You keep coming back to worship me and my socks, let's see how long it takes you to cum for them.

This is a custom video. Are you ready for your next Therapy-Fantasy session? You know these sessions are life altering right? And that these Therapy-Fantasy sessions are going to be costly? But also super effective. Sydney is standing in front of you dressed in a fabulous leather coat. You know that as a sock boy, you need to embrace your submissive tendencies. Sydney, as your Therapist-Fantasy with perfect and shapely legs, thinks it will be perfect if you start worshiping her as well. You are enjoying the socks and the legs of your Therapist-Fantasy. And you will love submitting to Sydney's perfect legs. And as you do so, and as you get more and more turned on, you will get to jerk off to Sydney's feet and socks as well.

MP4 * 926 MB * 00:13:36 * 1920x1080

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