Katherine De Vil - Illuminati - Feet JOI

I've got a new piece of jewelry I want to show you... Look how pretty it is... look at all the details on it... closely... take a deep breath... while I mesmerize you with this Illuminati pendulum and make you my feet slave!

Now you're my slave and I am totally in control of you... from now one you'll do exactly what I tell you to do!

After this, you won't even know why, but why you became so obsessed with my feet... is something you can't control it and you will do anything just to have my feet on your face again and again!

Because its your first time I will tease you with my feet directly on your face... I even allow you to take your dick out and touch my feet... I will tell you how you're going to jerk off to my feet! Leaving you even more obsessed with my feet.

MP4 * 1.25 GB * 00:08:27 * 1920x1080

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