Princess Ivory - Stocking Scent Training

You always try to resist, but there's just something about being locked in your office at work that makes it soooo hard to resist scrolling online for girls and stroking. You know it's a trigger but you just can't help but look. Then you stumble upon anything shiny and you're fucked. You play the preview over & over again letting your dick get hard under your desk. You let yourself become totally mesmerized by shiny. You edge to the preview for hours, risking it all for shiny is so exciting and sexy. Now you're stroking for shiny at work like a total fucking slave to shiny. You're hooked. Something about THESE shiny pants. These expensive, sexy, shiny pants, has you hooked in a way you cannot deny. Stroking for shiny at work seems right, because you are just a slave to my shiny ass. My goddess body commands worship and addiction. Your addiction is expensive and worth it to keep my shiny ass teasing and edging you through every day at work.

MP4 * 660 MB * 00:10:44 * 1920x1080

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