Goddess Natalie - Dont lose this game

We're getting ready to go to a party, like the perfect couple that we are, when I come to the bedroom asking you if my dress looks nice on me. You agree and seem very eager to see what it looks like with my black heels on too, but right when we're both ready and dressed up, it turns out we have to wait for another hour until we get to cause, since the guy who was supposed to come pick us up is late. Oh well...so be it...we're gonna have to spend some lovely time together before we go. So we decide to play some games and begin with a staring contest that turns into a lip reading competition. Lots of fun, right? The only thing is...whenever we lose, we have to be punished, and....I shall say you might not wanna lose this one, cause your punishment will be....well, fun for me but it might just involve tasting something for you hahahah

MP4 * 101 MB * 00:15:13 * 640x368

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