Lunar Nymph - 178. Get off to my feet instead of your girlfriends

Hi loser, what are you doing here? You want to worship my feet dont you, but wont your girlfriend be upset with you. I guess you dont care though. Tell me exactly what you want lose! You want to jack off to my feet so i'll let you but no touching! I let you know when you can start stroking your cock, first you can smell my stinky socks i know your turned on by that so go ahead you can touch my socks with your nose and get a good whiff. as at take my sock off you can start stroking your cock slowly. I tease you about how my feet are perfect and your girlfriends are ugly. You love everything about my feet, the way they smell, how long my toes are, and that they are nicely painted unlike your girlfriends. Start stroking faster! I'll give you a countdown if you make it to the end ill let you take my socks home with you.

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