Thealogy - How roommate made you her footbitch

Your hot roommate hasn’t been paying rent and you’ve been covering it all yourself, she’s also always up in the air somewhere so it’s very hard to catch her at home when she’s not napping off those nights and days she’s gone. You’re waiting in her room to pressure her about that rent she owes, but when you see her, you lose your words. She is the cutest, chillest and pretty bratty with her demanding demeanor. She made herself comfortable on her bed and puts on a listening face, but she doesn’t want to listen. She doesn’t have anything to listen to either, because you’re just staring at her feet propped up as she asks you to rub her feet while you’re telling her those important news. You’re immediately kneeling on the floor, taking off her sweaty socks and rubbing her feet, while basking in her presence and trying to not lose your cool when you need to tell her the bad news while rubbing her supple soles. She keeps pretending she cares, but once she gets you into a vulnerable place, her cuteness becomes sharply dangerous. She’s definitely planning on paying you what she owes, she’s actually been planning on living rent free from the day she met you, and all it took was you being unable to take your eyes off of her gorgeous feet that day! She’s got you wrapped around her finger and she does not intend to let you stay a free man. You’ll become her foot bitch. With subtitles narrating your thoughts

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