Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Owned by Goddess Feet!

There are two types of men, Subs and those who don't know they are subs.  

Put your little Dick away you won't need it, Today you are gonna learn to worship a true Goddess, You'll be very busy learning to worship my royal Toes,  Bow down, you can't resist my perfect soles, They own you and you'll do anything for them.

You are going to suck every single one of my toes & pamper me right.  

I  love foot rubs, I love shoes and I want Heels and tributes  Yeah spoil my soft soles with tributes,  I want you to go buy all my foot worship videos and edge that Dick for hours, I love how weak & stupid my feet make you.

Right beneath my soles is where you belong FootBitch, you will be another stroking footzombie by the time I'm  done with you 

I own your cock & Cum so now make you Goddess proud and stroke stroke...........  

STOP and put away that little dick hahaha yeah put it away it belongs to me and is not allowed to cum! 

Welcome to my Foot Slave Stable Footboy!

My Feet are your new Weakness !!

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