Young Goddess Kim - Valentine Vixen

It’s Valentines Day, and I have an idea for our date. Admire My sexy red outfit as I let you in on My plans. you are so hot and teased already, I don’t think you could handle a date with Me. Haha, you would probably be speechless and I would see exactly the type of male you really are. Nothing but a slave to be used and humiliated. Maybe I will let you take Me and My gf out after all, you could spoil us as we treat you like an object and laugh at you kneeling under the dinner table. Look at My perfect red lips, so kissable and delicious – but you would never get to kiss My lips bitch! But since it is a special day, you can make out with My stiletto. As I tell you about how our date will progress, you get more and more humiliated and horny and start proving how badly you really want it by making out with My shoe like a desperate little bitch for Me. Amuse Me and Spoil Me, slave.

MP4 * 630 MB * 00:11:57 * 1920x1080

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