Stars Fetish Fantasies - Defamiliarization

"Close and slow observation of that which has become familiar causes the object to warp, change, acquire new meaning. The foot becomes everything, not just flesh, not just toes to suck or soles to lick, but everything, a universe of shadows and textures.
Focus long enough and the foot ceases to be a foot, it becomes your entire universe, drawing you in, exerting gravitational pull. Defamiliarized, my feet become your entire universe, your mind unable to return to it's previous state of perception."

Star plays your therapist trying a new method to get rid of your foot fetish. She puts her feet very close to you eyes and gently talks to you, but in fact uses this technique to deepen your addiction to her beautiful feet.

** I made this torrent freeleech cause imho this one is a must have for every foot fetishist! ;) **

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Stars Fetish Fantasies - Defamiliarization

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